The SSL@MM aims to welcom researcher and compagnies with a focus on monitoring at high resolution, run studies including microbiological, chemical and biogeochemical variables, test, calibrate, compare with optimal conditions for validation of sensors with natural sea water.

The specificities offered by the laboratory once your project has been validated by the scientific and technical commitee are:

  • 3*polypropylene benches of 1.5 m length with corrugated, or not, power plugs, Ethernet connection. Each benche include a tap (10 mm or 12 mm) with a flow rate ~3L/min, than can be increase upon validation with the technical staff.
  • One main desk room of 18 m² welcome people for work.
  • One polyvalent room of 10 m² with a bench for any preparation of samples
  • One polyvalent room of 10 m with bench for bench top sensors that do not require flow through sea water
  • One chemical room with depressurized conditions
  • One dark room for microscopy.

SSL@MM joined the TNA family in the frame of H2020 JERICO S3 project.

It has benefited from AMU, MIO, OSUPYTHEAS, CHARMEX MERMEX supports.